Overeating vs over-drinking 2

Thanks so much for the response regarding my question about the difference between exceptions and sort of ‘weaning off’ of alcohol versus the same with food. When you say you recommend exceptions, are you referring to joy eats?

You also said, “Our goal is to eliminate desire and then overeating. It doesn’t work the other way around.” I feel as though my desire these past couple weeks has definitely been lessening and I am doing weekly joy eats, but was there another goal I should have set instead of not overeating for 30 days? My intention with this goal has been to deal with all the stuff that this brings up, not to white-knuckle it through 30 days (which I don’t think I could bear), and a weight loss goal wasn’t necessarily relevant for me as I knew that once I got the overeating under control, my weight would drop fairly quickly as it has.

I have already gotten so much from 2 weeks of this and I cannot wait to see what else is in store! Thanks Brooke!