Overeating vs over-drinking

Hello! Thanks so much for answering my previous questions.
I’m focusing on the overeating part of things but I listen to the over-drinking calls because it’s helpful! I actually don’t drink and have no desire to and am excited to see what that experience is like with food; it’s a bit more challenging for me to imagine. Anyway, I hear you tell people in those calls to not go to the extreme of trying to stop drinking and I’m curious why it seems to be different with food? I’ve committed this month, my first month in SCS, to not overeating for the entire 30 days and sticking to protocol. It doesn’t seem like you recommend that we ease into not overeating, and in some ways it makes sense to me why that would be the case, but I was curious what your thoughts were on it? Am I over-committing by saying I won’t overeat these first 30 days?
Thank you!