I keep buying things I don’t want to be buying. I can see how this is similar to overeating. I buy junk food out of the vending machine at work a lot and it’s not what I Want to be spending my money on and it’s not what I want to be eating, either.

C: vending machine exists
T: I want that
F: desire
A: buy it
R: I don’t allow the desire to be there and instead react to it and I’m spending money on things I don’t want to be investing my money into

C: vending machine exists
T: it doesn’t really matter
F: apathetic
A: buy/eat junk food
R: I don’t care about what I spend or eat

I am noticing that I have kind of this constant feeling of agitation and tension in my body and I buffer against it with overspending, working, busying, and my phone. I am not really sure what the feeling is, but it doesn’t feel good. I see how I want to get away from it. I am kind of afraid to be present to it. I think I make it mean something has gone wrong with me or my life.

C: sensations in my body
T: this is a feeling and it’s okay
F: present
A: feel it fully, allow the urges to get away from it
R: I am present to my experience and it’s okay

Feedback on my models or on how to stop overspending?