I wanted to get feedback about overspending on food in our family food budget for two people. We keep overspending and I want to see the reason why.
C-Spent $601 on food which was $200 over budget amount
T- I am not managing our finances wisely.
F- Shame
A- Overspend on food, not stop to feel/think through purchases, spend, raise budget amount each month for food and during month
R- Not manage finances

Other thoughts – We keep going over in our food budget. Why? Maybe because I feel like we shouldn’t be spending the amount we are. Why? Because it’s too much for two people when we could be saving more. So what? What am I making it mean? That we aren’t managing our money well. Managing our money well means that we aren’t overspending in our budget and we are saving lots of money. We aren’t spending money foolishly.

I want to spend within 15% of our income so that I can feel better about our finances, but that’s not the way it works right? I need to feel better about them now? Where could I go from here? How could I redefine what managing money wisely looks like? Thanks!