Overspending Follow Up 2

Thank you for the previous advice in the past posts! I wanted to play this out in another model I had today. I posted previously about overspending and wanting to buy a dress. I’ll list some of the starts I had to models just to look at the feelings. First off, I would like to buy a dress because I donated my other dresses because they didn’t fit anymore but my brain is spinning in not spending the money.

C-Dress on website for $50
T- I want to new dress because the other dresses I had don’t fit.
F- Justification

T- I don’t need to spend that much money on a dress.
F- Dismissive

T- It’s selfish of me when I’m already spending enough money in our budget.

T- I’m always spending money and my husband isn’t.

I have all these negative feelings wrapped up in just wanting to buy a dress because my other dresses don’t fit. Is it just as simple to decide that I am either going to buy one or not and then like my reason? The rest is just drama? But then how do I start letting go of the belief that I am the “spender,” even when I do want to feel good about spending? Thanks!