Hey Brooke,

My husband and I live off of his salary and I have an issue of overspending, mostly on clothes.
Since I joined SCS I focused on Stop Overeating and lost 50 pounds so I haven’t got to deal with overspending yet. I reckon this should definitely be my next self coaching project.
Yesterday after going four days without shopping online, I opened gazillion of browsers and processed several orders and of course felt guilt and shame after that, mainly because I feel it has power over me and secondly because of the bad consequences of high credit card debts we keep accumulating.

This morning when I thought of visiting another website and see what they have I paused for a second and asked myself – ‘If my husband and I separated today and I will no longer have his income, would I still process this order now?’ and of course, I answered no to myself.

I am trying to understand then what makes me ‘not care’ of the consequences as much when he takes care of the bill and how can I change this child-like way of thinking. I see it as irresponsible. Something a teenager would do, knowing his parents will cover for it.