Lately I’ve been so overwhelmed I can’t even think straight. I’m not seeming to be able to follow through with anything I set out to do, I feel burned out and make it worse by judging myself. I have it that others are so put together and produce results in all areas of life and I’m just stuck, energy depleted and don’t feel like I’m achieving anything. Any advice on how to get a handle on things? This is has been sparked in part, I think, by working a demanding job as a school administrator from home, while also trying to launch a coaching business, be a decent parent because I’m the one home with the kids while also working and my husband goes into work (yet I find myself yelling and breaking down all the time) and maintaining my mental and physical health and I don’t feel like I’m progressing in any of these areas. I just feel like a mess. How do I reclaim my sanity and get back on track?