overwhelm and contraint

I am feeling quite overwhelmed.
I’m either buffering and doing nothing or i’m trying to do everything and there isn’t much in between!

I’m in CCP and I am setting up my new coaching practice and I would like this to be my income, but you guessed it, I’m in a hurry. I’m in a hurry because I recently lost my job and my partner left and i need to pay my bills, I need to earn $4k per month . I have so much free time and now I feel shame around not utilising it well. One minute I’m telling myself i don’t know how to, the next I’m trying 3 different things and not being intentional and not really doing any of them well.

my main issues are:

– I don’t know where to start, I don’t even know what my niche is really. I have a great website, but I’m not believing in my ability. every time I make an offer it feels messy and like I wasted an opportunity
– I want/ need to learn everything , start watching too many scholars things and CCP reading and feel over whelmed , i do not know how to constrain , is there any info in scholars that can help me with this?

just feeling overwhelmed and really wanting to believe in myself