Overwhelm leading to panic/anxiety

It seems like that sheer volume of stuff I have going on is leading to overwhelm and panic and although I know it’s my thoughts, I’m having a hard time seeing it-

C-all in the next 2 weeks- end of year items in my job as a school administrator including having to hire a teacher out of a pool of unqualified candidates, parents calling to complain about grades and teachers, planning a friends bridal shower, end of year stuff for my kids’ schools and sports, trying to find a safe place to board my dog, declared the result/impossible goal of 10k in my business by June 30th and have only made $2300 (and this is supposed to be my main focus), car broke down last week and found out yesterday it’s $1700 to fix, am buffering with food and wine, kids not picking up after themselves, kids and husbands clothes and misc items scattered throughout the house which adds to my overwhelm.

T- I can’t do this
F- overwhelm
A-all of this spinning in my head, not knowing how to best approach it
R-indulging in overwhelm, not getting things done

I guess the better thought is it’s possible that I can do this but I’m having a hard time believing this

Please help.