Overwhelm and making time for me

Hi Brooke,

I have asked you before about overwhelm. I have had your advice and I still have overwhelm. It seems it is a tough habit to overcome (in my case). Argh. It is such a burden in my life and I want to really be able to eliminate this unnecessary, unhelpful emotion. I think i have improved marginally. I think i need to clarify the advice I have received from you to make sure I am doing it right. So basically I understand that i am unconsciously choosing overwhelm. I am adding all my ‘to do’s’ to my list. I am trying to contemplate that there is nothing i have to do. However there are things that I feel i have to do, but really I am choosing to do, for example, like looking after my children that take up a lot of time and energy (i wouldn’t change it for the world, I cherish my children). I love looking after my children. Other things include chores around the house etc, because i am choosing a clean and organised home etc. Which I love having. I am choosing to deal with my late fathers estate, which takes a lot of time. I struggle with this one the most, but have coached myself on why I am doing it and trying to stay focused on why etc to make this easier to deal with (as your advice). I work and am undertaking extra study and have a number of other things going on in my life also. I have ill health too. My life at the moment feels like i have a lot of work and no time for fun activities, exercise, hobbies etc. I know you say plan your life so that you plan in fun times, time to take care of yourself and rest etc. but if i did that then the other more necessary things (I know i am choosing them) in my life would not be taken care of. This is clearly important work for me to do.
I also struggle to keep my to do list to a minimum and prioritise the most important tasks and hence the overwhelm. When I listen to all the advice, it sounds great then as soon as i look at my to do list, i find it so hard to knock anything off my list so allocate different tasks to different daysof my week and i am clearly overloading myself.

I have tried doing reverse models and trying to create the feeling of more time, but i am still struggling.

Do you have any further advice?