Overwhelm means procrastination – How to feel better!

This is not a question. It’s a thank you. One of my goals was to create a beautiful backyard. It has been badly neglected over the last 4 years. I see the backyard and pool from the living room, dining area and kitchen. I started working on this and found that I could get little or nothing done. This morning, I watched “How to Feel Better.” I saw that I was overwhelmed and would flit from thing to thing rather than completing anything so I decided to work on one flowerbed and stay focused. OMG. It wasn’t easy because the mind wanted to wander over to other things. I picked the flowerbed I was closest to completing. I got it 3/4’s of it done and it’s beautiful with new plants and flowers. Yes, I feel better. Thank you. I understand the connection now between overwhelm and procrastination. This is a big tip.