Overwhelm to Success

Hi Brooke. This is my first month in Scholars. I’m so excited to be here and ready for BIG changes in my life. For the past several months (or maybe even longer) I feel like I’m in a constant state of overwhelm. (Maybe not constant, but 80% of the time.) Because I’m typically feeling overwhelmed, I find it really hard to get things done, think clearly, eat appropriately, etc. There is this part of me that wants to be the type of person that gets shit done, works hard, eats the right things, make the “right” decisions – but it seems that there’s a bigger part of me that just can’t or won’t do it. I want this program to work, but I feel that if I can’t break this mental wall / blockage, I’m going to fail again. Any tips or tricks to get in the right space mentally so that I can knock this program and my life out of the park. And how do I get past this almost constant state of overwhelm? I WANT to do this. I KNOW I can be better and do better. Thank you in advance!