Overwhelm with going back to my WAH job and going back to college


I feel like I’m drowning. I also feel like I’m stuck. I’m stuck drowning. I know these thoughts aren’t good for me but I feel they are my reality.

I have a million things to do. My son comes home from his dad’s tomorrow and I have zero money right now, so while he is home we will basically be staying home (which I guess is fine cause the pandemic).

Anyway, I’m starting my new job this week and I’m worried it’s gonna flair up my anxiety because it’s working at home again. I also started business school again this week and it’s stressing me out cause my lap top doesn’t support my apps for it and I can’t afford a new one right now. I started decluttering the whole house and ran out of steam. I wrote down my list for Monday hour one and I just can’t get myself to do it. I told myself I would lose weight by April and I had pizza again this week after I told myself no more.

Ugh. I’m stuck because I keep doing this to myself. I’m drowning because my goals just out of reach. Help. Please.