Hi Brooke,

I’m so grateful for SCS and the timing of it. Just before you announced it I had been thinking that I was going to start viewing your podcast as a course and really study and apply ideas from each episode. This is takes it to the next level and is exactly what I need in my life right now. Thank you for doing this!! I’m excited to be here 🙂

On to my question –
Overwhelm. It is one of the feelings that comes up for me the most and I’m realizing is holding me back from achieving my business goals. I did a model on it and would love your thoughts on it. The A line varies, so I listed the most common ones. Also any ideas for better T lines?


C – stuff to do
T- there’s too much to do / there shouldn’t be so much to do
F – overwhelm, low mood
A – complain about it to my husband, wallow, spend some time buffering via mindless internet browsing, clean, organize, sort my to-do list, do some (unfocused) work
R- none or some things get done but still feel like there’s too much to do and I will never catch up

C – stuff to do
T – I can get the most important things done
F- capable
A – focus and get the most important thing done then move on to other tasks if I have the time
R – Get more stuff done b/c not dragged down by my negative energy and didn’t waste time buffering