Overwhelmed and Stuck

I’m in the middle of moving and I feel like my life is in shambles. I run my own business that requires me to be in the kitchen but … right now I don’t have a working kitchen. My husband and I are renovating our new house and I’m currently sitting on the floor typing this because I don’t have a desk or office or any furniture in our house right now. I know all this sounds very dramatic and, in reality, I’m really excited about my life and our new house. I just wish that I could take a few weeks off from my job and solely focus on getting our house in order and set up, but I feel like I can’t step away from my work and social media (even though I technically *can* because I work for myself). I feel like I’m in limbo between my job and setting up my house and I’m not making significant progress in either – this includes Scholars (I haven’t even listened to the lesson this month and it’s one I’m really excited about). I am very structure and routine-oriented and I feel like I just can’t get into a good rhythm right now, which is very disorienting. I know this is all because of my thoughts, but I don’t even know where to start in terms of running models and thinking new thoughts on purpose. Thanks in advance for any direction!