Overwhelmed and Unhappy

I’m feeling overwhelmed by everything I have to do. When I think about dropping things off my calendar to stop the overwhelm, I feel like I’m failing. And if I keep them on, I feel like I’m not doing anything well, I’m just running around trying to balance too much. Not scheduling enough free time into my week to keeps me happy. At what point do I have ‘too much’ on my plate versus my thoughts are just making me believe that I have ‘too much’ on my plate?

C: I have 6 tasks on my calendar
T: This is too much, but if I don’t do all this then I’m not the strong amazing woman I could be.
F: Overwhelmed
A: I do the tasks
R: Finished task, but bitter feelings

T: I never get to do what I want to do. Just what I have to do.
F: Bitter.
A: Start to not do anything and take a nap
R: Don’t do anything I have to do or want to do. Just shut down and hide from the world.