Overwhelmed by changing my life-I really need a complete overhaul and don’t know where to start

Hi. I started drinking again in May after not drinking for 5 months. I realize it is interfering with the life I truly want to be able to create.

When I drink, I overdo it, eat more and unhealthfully, don’t take care of the things that would really make a difference, don’t exercise or have as much energy when I do. I think I also use it to escape overwhelm. How do I go back to having healthy priorities, handling overwhelm etc. when it feels so much “easier” and fun (socially) to have a few drinks to take take the edge off rather than the feeling intense discomfort in life.

From January until May, when I wasn’t drinking I struggled with anxiety more but didn’t feel gross and unhealthy. The things that really need to be handled are helping my kids interact more nicely with each other, leave my job to launch my coaching business, decide what to do about my marriage- right now it is sexless, lacks the intimacy and respect I want. When I think about tackling all these things, my thought is
T- I don’t know where to start.
F- Overwhelm
A- spin on thoughts, buffer with alcohol/food/unhealthy habits, fear making a decision or doing anything about my
marriage (we’ve been here before), yelling at my kids
R- stay in overwhelm, gain weight, feel unenergetic and gross, stay in same place with family situation (nothing gets done)

I have ADHD and have difficulty prioritizing and I need to get back on a healthier path but I’m not sure where to start. All of these things feel SO important.

Thanks for your help.