Overwhelmed by my current situation

I am passionate about dog rescue. I have two rescues of my own and always have a foster dog. My current foster ended up being pregnant and now I have 9 puppies and three adult dogs. The puppies are now up for adoption and can be separated from the mom in one week. I chose this and love all of the dogs but I am overwhelmed by the constant cleaning and attention needed by me. I am single and have no one to share the load with. I am also building my coaching business and preparing for coach certification next month. I will 100% make it work but I don’t know when the puppies and mom will be adopted and am afraid my feelings of overwhelm and frustration are affecting my energy, focus and therefore my results. I normally feel powerful and am feeling pretty powerless today.

These are the thoughts I am having:

What if this is all too much?
What if I can’t do this?
What if I am not enough?

When I answer these questions I always go to the positive. I can handle anything. I can do anything. Of course I am enough. But I am not sure those thoughts are serving me as much as me defending myself against the other thoughts? Does that make sense?

I guess I will feel sad, overwhelmed and accept that my house is going to be out of sorts for a bit because the truth is, I can probably find other fosters to take these puppies and I can probably find a foster for the momma; but I feel committed and sort of sad knowing they will all be adopted eventually. (I literally cry every time my fosters get adopted, so I am familiar with that part.)

I probably am just having a 50/50 day that is the side that isn’t so great. I could erase this and feel ok with my revelation but am curious what coaching you will offer on my rant. 🙂