Overwhelmed-Compelling Reason


So happy and excited to starting scholars. I originally signed up for scholars to feel better and stop buffering. I went off a cocktail of meds for depression and anxiety in November and found I was buffering hard with alcohol…actually signed up for scholars sitting at my desk hungover. I’ve decided to stop drinking all together and have that be my main focus for the year “my one thing.” That being said I’m finding it difficult to to complete the compelling reason podcast questions. I want to start exploring building my own business…but should I just be focussed on not drinking? Drinking doesn’t feel like it fits into the way the questions well…and then I get overwhelmed and walk away. My gut is to just stick to not drinking as I know this is the piece that’s really hindering my mental health growth but I have SO many other things I want to explore.
Thank you for your time and work!
Katie Norregaard