Overwhelming Anxiety

I have to carry out a task that involves submitting documents to a government body.  Sometimes the people can be very mean and unhelpful, and if they want to make things difficult for you then they just will.  Or if they don’t want to help you, they will say, “No, it cant be done,” just to get rid of you.

I’m having difficulty facing these people because I have to go back to them a number of times, and I’m scared of them rejecting my paperwork because it will put a significant thorn in my life.

My mind is battling between being courageous to fight as much as I need to in order to get the paperwork done, and feeling defeated that the paperwork will never be approved and I’ll be stuck.  I have reached the stage where I feel overwhelming anxiety when I have to do a task for this paperwork and I end up buffering and avoiding the work.  The work needed for this is time sensitive, which I think is putting more pressure on me to overcome my feelings to get it done, which in turn pushes me further into inaction.