Overwhem when try to constrain

I am having trouble constraining.

When I run off intuition I forget details and am annoyed when I have to “dig out” or experience consequences for not doing.

When I run my list, it feels good but I run into overwhelm (I can’t with I have to) trying to constrain my list.

How can I come from a more productive place that combines the strength of these two approaches?

C: planning my day

T: I know what to do

F: happy

A: do things

R: some things get done

C: planning my day

T: this list takes way longer than I have

F: overwhelm

A: procrastinate, buffer

R: I get way less done than I think I could have

Seeing a task on the list brings up all my reasons for it being on the list; the thought of not doing it brings up the consequences, i.e. it works so much better if you do this too….

When I spend time making a plan, I enjoy that, am super excited until it is time to execute. At the time of execution there is always the next improvement to plan instead of executing or keeping to plan seems so foolish when I now know something better.

I am trying to develop a routine to address the things I do on a regular basis.

Thank you for your help!