Hi Coaches,
I watched the diamond coaching call of this month. Brooke coached the first caller to cut down on working and putting out mediocre work. That sort of made sense since the caller’s goal wasn’t to be best at her work.
I have the exact same problem but my goal is indeed to be the best and get promoted to next level.
My work is very competitive, I work with very bright people.
After joining SCS, I have eliminated buffering – no more social media, no more creating my own stress due to overthinking etc.
I am able to produce a lot now. I am recognized for it and I am given more to do.

What I end up doing is –
I work 10 hours or more each day
I can’t stop thinking about issues/problems that I was troubleshooting at work, even after coming home
I have this urge to solve it all
I want to keep doing more and more

But I also have anxiety everyday –
I may have made a mistake or overlooked some design aspect in the project, that may lead to catastrophic failure
I may get fired
I work my ass off and wont get promoted in the end. I am a fool
I give so much to work and betray my family.
They have unreasonable expectations, it is also on me to not set the expectations right.
If I start cutting down on deliveries, I of course wont get promoted.

Please let me know where to begin my self coaching on this topic.