Owning MY thoughts!

I am considering breaking up with my boyfriend, I took this thought to my private coaching lesson. We went through a decision making process by listing the reasons to stay and the reasons to leave. I chose a word to describe those reasons, and I rated them. I answered all the questions to realize at the end of the call that those thoughts were not really mine. I chose the word “comfort” for the reason to stay, and “selfishness” for the reason to leave. It’s very clear now that the reasons to stay are just the primitive brain that wants me to stay in the cave, in this comfort zone, and the reasons to leave are just conformity to social norms in a patriarchal society. Those thoughts are not really mine; it’s mind blowing!

I accept it but the question now is: how do I think by myself? What are my true thoughts? It’s been 2 days and I feel anxiety around not thinking for myself.