package delivered to wrong address

Hi coaches…
Not sure this is coach-worthy, but here we go anyway:

Last month, some relatives sent a package for my young son’s birthday, not realizing that we’d moved to a new address (because I didn’t announce it or notify them). It’s been a month since the package was delivered to the old address (according to the tracking number), and it was not forwarded to us, or returned to my relatives, meaning likely the new tenants at our old apartment received the package and kept it. I have no way of contacting them–I reached out to our old property managers to ask for help, but they’re not really going to go bother the new tenants with this inquiry… So my question is both mental and practical: Do I just drop it and let it go, or should I take further action to try to resolve the “lost” package?

I feel bad/guilty that they sent a nice gift (a check and a handmade blanket) and I hadn’t told them about our move, and I feel pissed at the new tenants because I’m assuming they kept the package and are dishonest, bad people. (I know that’s a stretch, since I have no real info about what went on there.) I’m thinking about this problem with a feeling of anxiety and desperation to get the package back somehow, but the only other action I can think of taking is going to our old apartment to try to see if I can talk to the new tenants…and even then, the best case scenario is that they are home, have the package and happily hand it over (which I’m guessing is unlikely), and worse case they’re either not home, or they lie to me and kept the package and I still don’t have it.

I don’t want to waste any more time spinning in circles, or literally driving across town, in pursuit of something I probably won’t get back, but at the same time I feel like I owe it to my relatives to make the effort to try to find the package.

Is this a case where I should be learning to accept the fact that everyone is disappointed, and just let it be crappy without trying to fix it?