Painting towards 25K in 2020

I’m so happy to read the story of the musician, who plays the violin. Her success inspires me. As an artist myself I’m surrounded by other artists who don’t sell their works of art well and for them, it’s like a huge C. “So is life. It will not change,” is their opinion. They earn their living with teaching, doing workshops, but are more or less ‘surviving’.

My goal for 2020 is a huge sale of my artwork. I’m working on believing in myself. Finding the thought that fuels my feelings and actions that lead to my sales. By coincidence (or not) I also just watched Brooke’s coaching of an artist at a VIP call in March 2019. I think she’s called Lea. She was talking about her 50K week, and I had to watch it again to realize I really was hearing it well. 50K-week!

I’m still in the “that’s way too much to earn with my art” phase. I’m still counting the cost of my material, my hours (like a painter who paints houses!!!) to establish my prices. I’m still insecure when reaching out. But… I feel a shift. I realize that being insecure, vulnerable is all part of the process.

C. Artwork sale 2020 25K.
T. That’s too much, it will never happen, not for me
F. inadequate
A. Inaction, finding proof being an artist doesn’t pay well (friends), Seeing successful artists as exceptions
R. Few sales

C. Artwork sale 2020 25K.
T. The hours of work are not represented by the price for the client
F. Free, open
A. Finding new market, new clients, checking out niches, Painting more, producing more, stop listening to the complaining artists.
R. Seeing my artwork through the eyes of my future clients.

Any suggestions?
Thank you!