panic attack

Hi coaches,
Last week, 2 days before my wedding, I had one of the worst panic attacks in my life. It was a mixture of not getting enough sleep, being premenstrual and not eating enough as I didn’t have a huge appetite that week due to stress.

I have never had such a bad panic attack in my life, where it lasted for hours and whenever I would “allow” the feeling it would just get stronger and stronger. I ended up having to drive to my parents and have them soothe me all night as I didn’t even know what I was having a panic attack about. This feeling felt so out of my control, and despite all my techniques, it just kept on getting louder and louder.

The day after, and on the day, I was fine. After replenishing my sleep etc. I felt 100% back to normal. I haven’t had an episode like that again but now I almost feel fear that the “uncontrollable feeling” will come back. This has made me withdraw within myself and feel like I have no control over my anxiety anymore.

I know that it was extraordinary circumstances (as I was going through wedding stress, was living off 3-4 hours sleep etc.) So I know that this isn’t my baseline. I just am so scared that it will happen again, and that I will have no control over it.