Hi Brooke,

I’m loving the model calls…it is so helpful for me to watch you do models on other people’s problems. Its helping me understand how to use it on myself.

I was just watching one where you were coaching a mom regarding her teenage daughter’s negativity. You put fascinating in the feeling line. I don’t have teenage daughters but I do have twin daughters who are 8 years old. My twins are a constant tornado, between crazy anxiety and fighting and bickering…it literally never stops. I totally understand that my thinking around this behavior is negative and also making me feel awful and depressed. I also understand that I have a manual for both of them…they should do what I ask, they should behave, they should be kind, etc. Clearly that’s not working for me. But as parents our job is to mold and shape and guide, so I don’t really get how just letting them be who they are helps in that process. Shouldn’t I expect them to do as their told, to be compliant to my requests to clean their room, take a shower, etc?

Any advice would be great. I also remember in a past question you mentioning someone who coaches on parenting..if you wouldn’t mind including that info that would be great.

Thank you.