As a parent how do you know when to step in and teach/ coach your children? I find is easy to let adults live and learn, but I feel that children need to be taught and coached. For example, if my daughter wants to quit her job because the hours don’t work with her schedule but she needs money and hasn’t thought through finding a new job yet- is it ok to step in and suggest that maybe she should search for a new one before leaving the old one? How do you discern where to let your kids fail? Or if your child isn’t doing their house chores- do you just let them fail and leave the chores undone? Or if I notice that my child is choosing a lot of screen time over homework isn’t it my responsibility to teach/ train/ coach/ set limits?
As a parent I feel like the model is different- if only because we as parents often have to choose the result line as a way to teach/coach/ set boundaries them because they are our responsibility, where other adults are not.
Is this thinking flawed? How does the model apply to parenting?