Parenting Burnout

Hello, I’m new to Scholars, but I’ve been listening to the podcast for years.

I have implemented many of the tools Brooke teaches and applied the model to lots of challenges and gotten great results. However, I’m really struggling with parenting burnout.

I love my kids very much, but I don’t enjoy being a mom very often. The season I’m in is exhausting (and I get that it’s temporary)- kids are ages 3-10 and there are 5 of them, three who I birthed and two stepkids that live with us part time.

There is just so much that goes into the care and feeding of a family that I dislike. I’m having trouble finding a different thought and I’m feeling resentful, which is not the feeling I want to experience when I’m with my kids. I’ve outsourced some things and eliminated some things that lightened the workload, but I still find myself feeling burned out and depleted and just don’t enjoy the role of mother. I want to have more fun, be more present, and feel less burdened. Please help me choose better thoughts to change my result.