Parenting: Consequences for snotty behavior…

…yes, I know that’s a thought, not a circumstance. (But it’s a catchy title.😜). Ok-so my teenage daughter goes in cycles. The circumstances at the top of the cycle are saying thank you or please or participating in conversations that involve other people. The circumstances at the bottom are walking into a room and immediately asking for something for herself, leaving dishes out, not reacting or responding to questions. So-my thought is -basically “being polite” or “being rude.” I understand and have utilized the model to create peace within myself about teenage “behavior” and set consequences in a loving way. And, i am trying to understand how consequences fit into values and general behavior vs not doing chores.

My model
C: daughters action
T: I don’t want to be treated that way, how can I help her change?
f: confused
A: ??
R: loving relationship w learning on both sides!