Parenting Guilt

My daughter has struggled with a drug addiction since her teen years. Then, as now, I have done the best I could in my actions toward her, I have continually learned from experts on addiction, and have done everything in my control to help her get the right treatment, which has been hard to find and to finance. I have always done the best I knew how, under the varying circumstances, but still, I beat myself up for mistakes made, and I second-guess myself for past decisions and actions. Your answer to the mother who asked if treating herself with compassion following years of trying to help her son with his educational difficulties seemed like it written for me, as well. I really believe that adopting the way of thinking that you suggested will help me move forward on my own self-care (which is why I returned to SCS after a two year break), as well as to stop engaging in the guilt-induced enabling that I have been doing. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT!!!

PS–I love Scholars 2.0 so far!