Parenting Struggles

I’m a new mom but my husband has three older children that he was very involved in their raising, even raising the younger two by himself for a couple of years.

We are having major differences of opinions with caring for our newborn. It’s been 15 years since he’s had a newborn and a lot has changed. He does not research or even believe the new evidence that has come out about things such as sleep safety.

I’ve conceded to some things even though it was hard, like using the microwave to warm bottles. However, sleep safety is a huge issue now. He insists on putting him on his belly to sleep despite the fact that online experts and his doctors say it’s not safe. He says they don’t know his son and he does.

I conceded to supervised naps on belly but last night he fell asleep with him on his belly on the couch with a blanket bunched up under him.

We discussed it this morning and he’s not willing to give an inch or do any research.

My thoughts:

He’s being stubborn and prideful.
Sleeping well is not as important as my child being alive.
He thinks I’m just worrying too much and doesn’t trust or respect me as a mom.

I honestly don’t care how he feels about me but I don’t know how to get him to consider researching or talking to someone else about safe sleep habits.