Parenting Teenage Daughter

Hello Brooke-
Thank you for your life’s work! This is my first month in SCS and I’m blown away. You certainly over deliver! For that, I am grateful.

For the last 8 months, I have allowed my 14 daughter’s words and actions affect me. I am definitely allowing her behavior dictate my thoughts, feelings, actions & results. I’m ready to take my power back by consciously choosing my thoughts, feelings, actions & results.

Here are thoughts, most in the form of questions, that are constantly spinning in my head:

Why doesn’t she like me?
Why is she so rude to me?
Why is she so disrespectful to me?
Why is she so bothered when I try to make conversation and connect with her?
Why does she hate me?
What am I doing wrong?
How can I be a better mom?

Emotions I often feel:

I’ve come to understand your 50-50 concept with emotions. And I’m working on allowing and feeling my feelings without judgment. I’ve been practicing the opposite all my life!

I appreciate any insight and suggestions. Thank you in advance!