Parenting teens


I’m new to the LCS but have been doing TW for almost a year. I’ve applied the model to my relationship and work, but I am unsure how to do so to help my kids which is my responsibility versus managing my thoughts about my kids (the latter I can apply the model). In this case, my 15 year old son is refusing to go to school or going late every day. He says he doesn’t care about school, there’s no point, etc. I live alone with my kids, and their father is not very involved although it’s amicable. When I try the old school “it’s your job to go school,” he tells me that doesn’t mean anything. I vacillate between remaining calm and trying to talk through it and thinking I’m not reacting enough to something so serious. If the result I want here really is about another person doing something which is in part my responsibility as a parent, how can I approach this? I worry in staying calm I’ve lost authority or that they expect me to be heavier, and my calmness comes across as permissiveness.

Thank you.