Parents and tbeir beliefs on what our family should eat

Today I was talking to my dad and he brought up how we need to have more protein in our diet (we are plant based) and I asked him why and he said bc he thinks that we don’t get enough protein. He said that our daughter doesn’t have good eating habits either and that we should be feeding her meat.. I said that we are healthy and of ideal weight and why does he feel the need to tell me how I should eat? I don’t tell him that he eats too much fried food, he can live his life and we can live ours. I could feel myself getting upset and angry because my thought was why does he always comment and try to tell us how we should eat? I did a model after the convo and this was my unintentional model ans intentional model:
C: Dad says we need to eat more protein
T: why does he always try to tell us what we should eat?
F frustrated
A: argue with him
R: don’t want to call and talk to him

C: dad says we need to eat more protein
T: interested as to why he thinks that
F fascinated
A: find out his reasons why
R: I understand his thought process better

Am I doing the model correctly? If so, why do I still feel upset when I think about the convo?