Parents-in-law taking over my life

My parents-in-law came to live in our yard in an RV at the beginning of Covid (26 months ago). I didn’t mind when it was a temporary thing and they had planned to leave once things opened. For the last two years, it has been costing us money to have them here ($250 per month for hydro) and I find that I am getting rather annoyed that we are paying for their lack of life planning.

They did not take precautions to set them selves up and were forced to leave the grandma’s property after she died 5 years ago. They change their mind on what they are going to do endlessly. One day they are buying a boat, the next property up north, property in Mexico, or building a suite in our yard.

Recently they planned to trade their large bus for a smaller one and travel across Canada. I got my hopes up that they were actually leaving. The day before they were to pick up the new RV they changed their mind.

When I talk with my husband, he feels sorry for them and feels like they have no choice and, with that thinking, it seems neither do I. I don’t think it is fair that we are not only housing them but paying for them to be here. I had mentioned that I wanted to get a travel trailer so that we could camp as a family and also Airbnb the trailer to provide extra income for us. However, their large bus takes up half our yard. Now that they have changed their mind we are losing out on the potential income of more than $3000 per month.

I am finding it hard to not be bitter with them, especially when they ask me about things that I want (eg. cutting down bushes etc in the yard) and then they just do whatever they want anyways.