Park Fight

C- husband asked “if I was okay going to the park” during our afternoon walk
I said “no”
He asked why
Our state governor closed and taped off all parks last week
My husband has taken our child 3 other times since the park rule was set
I have already told him I didn’t want to
He said “I don’t care if people die with Corona; they are going to die anyway”
Husband rarely gets sick; once in the last 5 years
I get sick about every other month and have random rarer sicknesses occasionally like salmonella and thrush
Our child is one and I am the primary caretaker
My husband often says “grow up” to our one year old

T- he is a jerk
He is impatient
He just wants to be right
He doesn’t care about other people
He is selfish
He questions me like a lawyer
He is a hypocrite
It’s not okay for him to walk away
He’s being a child

F- irritated, ticked, angry

A- tell at him when he walked away from my child and I on our walk, write this, feel/ describe angry, regret marrying him

R- disconnection from husband

Please help me see what I’m missing. I’m so annoyed with how my husband argues. He is so childish and I don’t want to stay married if this continues. It’s been like this for 5+ years and I have been trying to do all my own work. He calls me “too sensitive” and blames me for our fights. He never apologizes for his part. It’s so frustrating.