[Part 2] Re: Loved the VIP Modulethon! + a couple takeaways! #money #vip

Oh and one more thing, I forgot to mention in my earlier post… I closed a sale this morning for over $4K in less than 90 minutes and it was SO easy. Like the easiest it’s ever been, and the funny thing is I wasn’t focused on getting the money and trying some hard close sales tactic (nothing against those). I was confident, but not attached to the outcome at all. I’ve just been asking myself the question, “what would a person that makes $xxxxxx be thinking and doing, etc?” Well, that lady isn’t worrying about making money.

Brooke, I can’t stop asking myself that question, it’s addicting. You’re right, our brain loves questions. Practice, practice, practice…

Anyway, I don’t think the ease of that sale this morning was a coincidence!

Melodee Forbes