Part 2 – Should I stop work when I feel tired, or carry on because I’ve got goals?

Hello amazing people,
So for once, I was delighted to see “You get to decide”… I sort of knew it was coming … I like the self love aspect and the future self aspect, very useful thank you.
It helped me decide about people in the media who advocate many hours sleep a night, when they have already built their business. I look at them and think, I bet you didn’t get 8 hours sleep a night when you were building that baby. But the great thing is I get to decide, because it’s my life, my business. There is no right or wrong. I get to decide. And if I’m up until 3am and tired the next day, that’s ok, it’s not wrong.
When I was younger and lived at home my parents always seemed to be irritated if I did anything outside of the box – eg want to stay up and do things after they had gone to bed. There is no right or wrong though, I can go to bed when I want. Very liberating, thank you.
Thanks so much I found it really empowering.