Partner home late daily

So I realized lately that my thoughts about ny partner coming home late is really starting to bother me. He finishes at 4:30 and is home by 5:30 on a good day. Most of the time he comes home by 6 or 6:30. Usually it doesn’t bug me as I work different hours all the time. He has worked like this for many years I’ve been told. (We have only been togethers for 3 years). It’s like a default for him I think but not totally sure. I rarely ask him to come home early but one time a couple weeks ago I asked if he could be home by 5:30 so we could get groceries. I don’t like going super late. He said he didn’t see why not and then 5:45 rolls around and I message him and he says he just got out of a meeting and could not message me. Of course I’m super pissed at this point. What is funny is that as I was listening to the podcast about Difficult Conversations I wrote about this very conversation. But we didn’t come to a solution that we could both agree on. I thought he could text me and let me know he would be late. How would he not know he would be late knowing a meeting started at 5. He got mad saying he literally had no time to message me which I think is total garbage. And he said that he didn’t need me getting angry with him when he has a bad day. So here we are. I want to bring this up in a nice manner. He has also said that he doesn’t care when I’m late which isn’t the point. Because I care. Also when there’s a game on tv that he wantd to watch he will make sure he’s home to watch it. He does get things done when he chooses for sure. I know he doesn’t mean to not make me a priority but that’s how it feels sometimes. Thanks for the insight coaches!