Partner making money and I am not

My partner is amazing and is kind of allowing me to explore my coaching business dream.

I have spent 10 years feeling burnout and fatigued as a clinician. I took the leap to start my coaching business after seeing how it has transformed my life.
I haven’t felt better since leaving and making the decision that I will never nurse again.

This has come at a huge financial blow to us. I had a 12K month which was amazing, but even with that income, it only covered my biz costs, coaching through LCS and my biz coach. I feel dissatisfied that even though I smashed a goal, I still couldn’t take a pay.

Now my partner has held us afloat for months now and he wants to do things for himself (personal trainer etc) and we have no money. He can’t afford it and I now feel I should take a job to contribute more.

I don’t know what to do – its a vicious cycle.