Partner who has OCD

My partner has OCD, he blames his diagnosis on all of his negative feelings towards our relationship and why he does certian things. And I’ve seen him make progress with it, but then he’s resorted to buffering with alcohol to avoid negative thoughts or doing self work. He recently decided to quit drinking and it’s made the OCD more intense , according to him.

Whenever I make a healthier suggestion to him around some tools he could try, his reply to me is “I have OCD and my mind is just different than everyone else” “My brain doesn’t work like yours and you don’t get it”

I’ve read about OCD, and it being a thought loop error, thinking the same things over and over. I feel like I am compassionate and understanding towards him and with all of my heart I want to help him. He’s told me he wants help. But when it comes from me, he doesn’t validate it.

I’m curious if there are any resources, or suggestions for me to give to him that he can use to manage his OCD?