I’m new to scholars and I can’t get away from this feeling that I want to find my life partner sooner than later already!

I’m 29 years old, and I’ve been listening to Brooke’s amazing podcast for a couple years now. I continue to manifest my goals and feel like already I’m living and have created an incredible life for myself. In the last year for example, I’ve moved to my dream location (solo), bought my dream car, and got my dream job. Plus, I have a handful of amazing friends and a good relationship with my family. I see myself as a strong, independent, goal manifesting female and I feel like I’ve been this way for years, if not most of my life.

That being said, recently, I’ve felt a bit tired in a way because I haven’t had a serious relationship (my one and only) in over 5 years now and I know that from my experience, when I have the right partner by my side, I feel even more unstoppable. Of course, I understand that no one can offer me happiness/etc but I do believe that having the right person by your side can make you both stronger. It’s a value add, not a “he completes me”, which again I’ve already experienced before.

I know that this isn’t something that you can force, and that for some, you may not find that partner. But, I can’t stop feeling like that is something I want so badly so I was wondering how you recommend I proceed? I accept that that’s a desire, and I’m happy that I want that in life. I just wanted it to show up now! So yeah, do you happen to know anyone who could fit the bill? 😉 Haha