Hi. I’ve been working on the overeating/overdrinking/not buffering and overall am doing great. I am following my protocol, at my goal weight (didn’t have much to lose) and drinking alcohol only as planned 24 hours in advance. However, I continue to have difficulty in social situations with lots of snacks and party food. I get a strange energy by being around lots of people and find it almost impossible to stop eating all the food around me. Sometimes this also manifests as drinking more than planned but mainly seems to be an issue with overeating.

Logically I know that I’m making the decision to eat and that it’s my thinking causing the behavior but I am having trouble breaking this habit. I plan ahead of time to take a plate of food and not go back for more but in the moment I don’t follow my plan. I do the Learn It and Move on exercises, thought downloads, models, etc and it hasn’t helped so far. It almost feels like my brain switches into a different mode and the result is continuous eating until the social event is over.

I’d love any ideas/help you have. Thanks!