Passed over for promotion

Last week I was passed over for a promotion. The person who was selected, has much less experience than I do. She’s never been a supervisor, as I have been. In fact, the position was one that I held successfully many years ago, but resigned from when I had a baby. Now that my children are older, I feel I have the time to devote to the responsibilities again, so I applied when the position reopened.
I am resentful that I know how to do the job, did it well and now have to support her. I do not want to answer her questions anymore as it feels like I’d be training her.
I’m struggling with my model, as I have so many thoughts/ feelings whipping around.

C: Not chosen for promotion.
T: That was my job. Now I’m still going to be bored and unchallenged. Person who hired her wants to control her to get their agendas through. Boss screwed me over.
F: Angry, Disappointed, Embarrassed, Disrespected
A: Speaking as little as possible to her, and our boss who chose her.
R: Office environment is tense and unpleasant. I don’t want to go to work.

Where do I steer my thoughts to make sense and move past this?