Passing Through Neutral On Food

I listened to Brooke’s podcast this morning and have a question:
I have already lost all my extra weight (50 pounds) as soon as I joined SCS two years ago (which also means I watched all the classes and courses on weight loss offered). Then I gained most of it back and have been on protocol and off of it for the past year, still wanting to lose another 35 pounds.

I was wondering whether this new concept can be used for food urges in the way that Brooke explains it (no language).
So I have every morning urges to eat pastries and breads of all kinds.
My brain has the taste experience of these foods and it attaches great importance and favoritism to eating them.
I tried to hold a space for both me and flour, say, and see how can I think of it without language and how do flour and me occupy the space in the world in the same way that the client and her husband’s ex wife occupy it as two humans or two women, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that with flour (or sugar for that matter).

Would love your help in understanding how to use this tool for that.