Passionless marriage

Hey Brooke, in one of your podcast episodes you super briefly talk about the beginning of your marriage to Chris. You mentioned you spent some time self sabatoging and attempting to sabatoge the marriage because you thought it didn’t have enough passion. I’m finding myself in a very similar situation. I’ve habitually been attracted to the “bad boys” who are exciting, unpredictable, irresponsible, rule breakers, often cheaters, etc! I married a “good boy”, just a few months after dating him; Someone I would want my daughter to marry. Safe, everyone loves him, easy to get along with, blah blah blah. BUT I am having am extremely hard time creating desire for him. I feel like he’s so boring and I’m already looking elsewhere for entertainment. Help! I don’t wanna get a divorce, and end up with my usual crappy guys in the long run, I wanna like my husband