Passive action as buffering

Hi, I just joined scholars earlier this month. I’ve been working on weight loss as my primary goal for this year and have lost 15 pounds so far; about 10 to go. I have devoured most of the urge jar, stop overeating, and stop overdrinking material, I’m consistently following my protocol, and I’m feeling my urges, although not having them very often.

I know this sounds like everything is going great, but I’m worried that I’m not having enough negative emotion coming up for me, almost as if this is too easy. I’m wondering if it’s possible that I could be buffering with my interest in all the scholars material. I look forward to listening to the calls and watching the videos in my spare time, but it’s passive, rather than massive action. I think I’ve shifted my excitement about eating food as entertainment to excitement to learn all these new ideas from Brooke. Is it possible that this could be my new buffer that’s preventing negative emotions from surfacing?

I’m looking forward to the start of the October material so I can get started on that daily work. Is there anything I can do now that might help me know what I should be working on now rather than just passively consuming? Thank you