Passive Action

Hi, Brooke. First, want to share a WIN. As a dare of the day I asked my landlord if I could move from my current office into a brand new one being built (double the square footage) for the same price I pay now. The 2 day delayed reply (lots of opportunities for working through my emotions!) was YES!

Somewhat related to that; my question: Isn’t passive action necessary for massive action to occur? For example, a goal I have is to hold vision board workshops in order to connect with people and move into coaching with them. The “passive action” steps I’ve taken: getting that bigger office so I can hold them there, taking a class to learn all the ins and outs of creating/holding events, collecting materials, setting the date, etc. You indicate the way “massive action” is measured is “what have you CREATED?” So I’m confused… Isn’t passive action just all the steps that lead to massive action? Is massive action (in this case) holding the workshop?