Passive-Aggressive in relationships

My husband says I have a Passive-Aggressive personality and it’s causing problems with our relationship. He’s told me this before. We’ve been married 43 years. But I never got it. I didn’t understand what that really meant before this. He also sent me definitions of this type of behavior/communication. Now I get it and I have to agree with him and see how detrimental it has been. I also see myself acting this way in other instances/relationships in my life. I am going to focus on changing this behavior. According to everything I have read, the first step is awareness (which I am) and desire to make changes (which I have.)

Are there any resources/tools within LCS that would be especially beneficial for me to explore such as anger management, effective communication, changing unwanted/undesireable behavior, etc? How should I start and go about this? I’d like a little bit of guidance as I think this will be a huge undertaking for me. How can I break it into smaller more manageable chunks?